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Important Information When Applying

Reference Checking

Durham Tees Valley Airport is required, by the Department for Transport, to obtain references for your whereabouts during the past 5 years, in order for a security pass to be issued. As part of any application a 5 year reference history will be required and undertaken for all successful applicants.

All formal offers are dependent on reference checks being successfully completed. Obtaining references can sometimes be a lengthy process, and therefore, where possible, all applicants are asked to assist in following up reference requests.

We also advise successful candidates to contact referees to notify them that Durham Tees Valley Airport will be in contact shortly for the purpose of providing a reference. This can also help speed up the process.

It is company policy not to apply for references until an offer of employment has been made.

Criminal Record Check

Durham Tees Valley Airport is required by the Department for Transport to ensure that all Restricted Zone pass holders undergo a Criminal Record Check (Basic Disclosure).

A Criminal Record Check details any convictions a person has that are considered to be unspent. Further details of disqualifying criteria and spent convictions will be provided to applicants at the relevant recruitment stage.

If for any reason the Criminal Record Check is returned containing a conviction that is listed within the disqualifying criteria, you will not be issued with a restricted zone pass which may result in any offer of employment with Durham Tees Valley Airport being withdrawn or employment terminated.

The cost of the Criminal Record Check is paid for by Durham Tees Valley Airport.