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Carbon Emissions Scheme

Durham Tees Valley Airport and The Tees Forest have joined together to give passengers the opportunity to contribute to their local environment and take a step towards off-setting the carbon emissions from their flight. The new initiative known as Last Call! provides passengers with the opportunity to invest in their local environment before or after taking a flight from Durham Tees Valley Airport by helping to plant trees in the nearby Tees Forest, managed by North East Community Forests Ltd.

There are two ways in which passengers can support the scheme either by donating money in the collection box which is located in the Airport Departure Lounge or by contributing online at Durham Tees Valley Airport’s parent company (Peel Airports) is the first UK Airport Group to instigate such a passenger Carbon Sequestration Scheme, and is looking forward to a long term sustainable partnership with The Tees Forest that will allow the scheme to grow in years to come. Contributions made by passengers will go towards planting trees to help absorb some of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from their flight.

The Tees Valley Climate Change Partnership is also supporting the scheme and recognises the value it will have in publicising the need to offset carbon emissions. The Airport Company has also pledged to match passenger contributions made at the collection box, therefore doubling the amount going towards this worthy cause. Donations made by passengers will not only help to off-set emissions, funding will also create invaluable woodland valued by wildlife and people alike to enjoy for years. Visit and make your donation.