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Airport Consultative Committee

Airport Consultative Committee

In common with airports across the country, Durham Tees Valley has a Consultative Committee which acts in an advisory role and provides the opportunity for dialogue between the airport and representatives of the local community.

It provides a forum in which a wide range of issues relating to the airport and the community can be discussed. It provides a very important role in helping to strike a balance between the commercial interests of the airport, the important benefits it brings in helping to drive forward the sub-regional and North East economy, and the interests of local people.

Its membership is drawn from local county, borough and parish councils, together with organisations representing the travelling public and airport users. The Committee meets on a quarterly basis at the airport site and its meetings are open to the public and media. The Airport Director is a member of the committee.

The terms of reference for the Committee make clear that its functions include:

  1. Advising the Airport Director on matters which she may refer to the Committee.
  2. Considering issues connected with the airport as they affect the local community.
  3. Making suggestions on matters connected with the administration of the airport which can benefit the local community.
  4. Stimulating  the interest of local people in the airport and its achievements.

The meetings are open to attendance by members of the public, and there is be an opportunity after the main proceedings for questions from the floor.

For further information on the Consultative Committee please contact:

David Cosgrove

Secretary to the Consultative Committee

01429 523019