We’re generous here at Durham Tees Valley. Two of our main airlines, KLM and Eastern Airways, allow passengers to take two pieces of hand luggage on the flight with them.

Each piece must not exceed the maximum size of 55cm x 35cm x 25cm and fit comfortably in the hand baggage gauge. The total weight of the two pieces must not exceed 12kg for KLM and 10kg for Eastern.

However, you should be aware that other airlines may operate a different policy and you should always check before arriving at the airport what you’ll be allowed to bring with you.

Can I bring my laptop?

To make sure you’re getting the best out of your time with us, we provide 30 minutes free Wi-Fi inside the terminal and are more than happy for you to bring your laptop with you on the flight.

This will count as one of your designated pieces of hand luggage and will need to be removed from your bag and screened separately when you go through security.

What about liquids?

For security purposes most liquids aren’t allowed on the plane with you. Cosmetics, sprays, pastes and gels should always be packed in your hold luggage otherwise you risk having them confiscated.

If you do desperately need to bring any liquids through with you, make sure you put each in a clear 100ml container inside a see through bag and present them to security.

The only exception to this rule is baby milk or food and any medicines, as long as you have told your airline in advance and have a note from a doctor explaining why you need them on the flight.

NB any liquids bought in the departure lounge can be taken on the flight with you.

What can I put in my suitcase?

Every airline has different restrictions on hold luggage so check with them before you pack.

However, you should always bear in mind that you’ll have to go through security checks and as a general rule of thumb should avoid putting knives, firearms including toy guns or any kind of weapons or ammunition in your suitcase. Things that can explode like gas cartridges or lighter fuel plus paint, mercury and acid are also strictly off limits.

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