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WiFi and Internet Access

Durham Tees Valley Airport provides a fast and reliable Wi-Fi service that ensures our passengers can remain connected throughout their time within the terminal.

We are pleased to announce that we will now deliver the first 30 minutes FREE of charge to all visitors connecting via their laptop, tablet or smart phone device.

So whether you are looking to browse, chat or share, you can do so in a matter of moments within a relaxed environment.

Following your first 30 minutes you simply need to follow the online instructions to top up and stay connected.

Top up charges are as follows:

  • £3 for the first hour after free period
  • £5 for the next 3 hours after free period
  • £9 for the next 24 hours after the free period
  • £70 for 6 months
  • £130 for 12 months

How can I connect to Wi-Fi?

Simply select the ID _AirportWiFi from your device and follow the step by step instructions.