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Passenger Facility Fee (PFF)

PFF - side article imagePassenger Facility Fee (PFF)

All departing passengers are required to pay a Passenger Facility Fee (PFF) to depart from Durham Tees Valley Airport.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is the Passenger Facility Fee (PFF)?

    The Passenger Facilities Fee is a charge made by Durham Tees Valley Airport (DTVA) on all departing passengers to help support the continued operation of the airport and to secure its future.

  2. Who has to pay the PFF and what is the charge?

    All departing passengers need to purchase a PFF ticket in order to gain access to the Departure Lounge. The charges are:

    - Adults £6

    - Children (aged 3-15 years) £2

    - Infants no charge

  3. How do passengers purchase their PFF ticket?

    Tickets can be purchased from paystations located in the check-in area of the terminal building. Passengers can also purchase their ticket in advance online. To do so please click here.

  4. What if passengers don’t have the right money, does the machine accept credit cards?

    Machines will only accept the correct money, however, paystations will accept most credit and debit cards. Change machines are also available near the PFF pay stations.

  5. Will the machine produce a receipt for this charge for those travelling on business to reclaim through their expenses?

    The PFF ticket used to gain entry to the Departure Lounge can also be used as a VAT receipt.

  6. What happens if a passenger refuses to pay this charge?

    The airport reserves the right to refuse access to the Departure Lounge to any passenger. All departing passengers must purchase a PFF ticket and present this to staff in order to pass through Airport security and access the Departure Lounge.

  7. Will passengers be able to purchase their PFF tickets in advance/online?

    Yes, passengers are now able to pre-book their PFF tickets online. Please use the following URL to make a purchase

  8. What if, for any reason, I have purchased a ticket but I am unable to travel e.g. flight cancelled or delayed significantly?

    Should passengers be unable to travel due to unforeseen circumstances involving either their airline or the airport, their PFF will be refunded upon receipt of the relevant reclaim form available from the airport. Refunds will be unavailable, at the time but forwarded on in due course.

  9. I have a question that has not been answered above. Who should I contact?

    Further enquiries about the PFF can be submitted by online enquiry form - please click here.